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EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

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EG 4.2 and Object Spawner


I'm not sure if this is an Admin question or an EG question but here goes:

I configured 9.2 and everything gets validated successfully within Management Console.
My EG connections get authenticated (my name appears on the bottom right hand side) but when I try expand the SASApp under the Servers list I get the following error:

Could not establish a connection to the SAS server on the requested machine. Verify that the SAS server has been started with the -objectserver option or that the SAS spawner has been started. Verify that the port Combridge is attempting to connect to is the same as the port SAS (or the spawner) is listening on.

Even if log in using SAS account (ADM, Demo), I get the same error.
I've tried running the config again but still get the same error.
Any ideas before I call tech support?
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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner


Some quick suggestions (all may be not relevant as You get connection to Metadata server, but seems to be workspace server problem):
1) Try to ping the server from client side and see whether it works or not here.
2) Also have your verified the SAS Object Spawner is up and running on the server? Please make sure it’s running.
3) Check the port used and makes sure it doesn’t be blocked or occupied.
4) Host file may pointing to an incorrect IP address would result the failure too.
5) Set correct user permission
6) Problem Note 18297: SAS® clients such as Enterprise Guide® and ITConfig cannot connect to localhost or local machine name where SAS servers are running

Hope it helps
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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

Hi Oleg

Thanks for the response.
1: I've verified that server is accessible both via remote desktop and ping (using both IP and DNS name).
2; I have verified that the OB service is up and running and can 'Test Connection' from within the Management Console to both the Workspace Server and Stored Process Server.
3: Running Netstat -a returns the following:

TCP sas92:8561 LISTENING
TCP sas92:8581 LISTENING
TCP sas92:8591 LISTENING
TCP sas92:8601 LISTENING
TCP sas92:8611 LISTENING

BTW: This is a new machine with absolutely nothing on it.
4: The host file on the server has the following: localhost sas92.mydomain

5: The user I,m using has been granted access to the Enterprise Guide Roles in SMC and he can log into SMC no probs
6: I'm experiencing this error on both Win 2003 and Win 2008 - on the 2008 box, I disabled IPv6 and still get the same error.

On my Win 2008 environment I set up a meta box and a workspace box and in the Win 2003 it's a single machine deployment and the error persists on both deployments.
I also tried installing EG on the server (I thought it was my desktop that was faulty) but still get the same error.
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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

Besides of what Oleg suggests the first thing I would do is having a look at the object spawner log. If the user you're using is in the log then you know that you're connecting to the right object spawner - and the log might also give you more insight in what goes wrong.

Isn't there some "test connection" in SMC? - And does this work? Message was edited by: Patrick
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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

Hi Patrick

Nothing appears in the OB logs because the failure occurs before the clients connect to OB (I think).
The only entries I have in the log are those generated by the 'Test Connection' commands being generated by SMC and those are all successful.

No errors in the OB logs

I am baffled!

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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

Hi all

Perhaps something worth mentioning is that I used external accounts during config.
Created them on the local box and granted them "log on as batch".

I'm gonna slap myself if that turns out to be the prob.
I'm so gonna slap myself.

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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

If you haven't tried these yet...

1. From Management Console, use the Server Manager to right-click and "Validate" the SASApp workspace server and the Object Spawner. Validate does a little bit more than just "ping" the service.
2. In the Object Spawner properties, verify that the SASApp Workspace Server has been assigned as one the object spawner starts.

After that, I'd probably have a conversation with tech support who can ask and answer questions much more quickly than we can. Smiley Happy If the above suggestions don't reveal more, it's also quite likely this could be an issue with ports... tech support would be able to guide you on that as well.

(If you call, I would specifically tell them you're having an issue with the object spawner... this issue is more platform admin than EG.)
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Re: EG 4.2 and Object Spawner

Posted in reply to RichardH_sas
I re-ran the config using Internal Accounts and everything works.
All my Domain users are part of the "Log on as batch" on the OS and they connect without any issues.

I guess I'll have to read up on internal vs External accounts.


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