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EG 4.2 - Export as data step in project

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EG 4.2 - Export as data step in project

Article on "What is new in SAS EG 4.2" and also Help topic on Export in EG 4.2 say that when you export a file as a step in a project, you can choose to replace any previous output or save the output with a time and date history. . But this does not seem to work even when the ""over write existing dataset" box is not selected. It always overlays the existing file. Is that a bug or am I interpreting the feature wrong?
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Re: EG 4.2 - Export as data step in project

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I think you are correct if the target data set (export location) is a SAS server library (as opposed to a file system location), the "don't overwrite" option doesn't have the same effect. If you export to a file system location, the exported file name should have a date-time stamp appended to make it unique.

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