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EG 4.1 Shared repository access issue

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EG 4.1 Shared repository access issue

Trying to setup a shared EG repository for all users to access an AIX SAS Server, I Installed SAS 9.1.3 and EG4.1 on my machine,and EG4.1 repository on another machine. Both machines are running Windows XP Pro.

On the repository machine, I
-checked 'Enable Distributed COM on this computer'.
-created a local id 'egrepos' to run the repository process
-Granted 'remote launch' and 'local launch' to Everyone
-Granted 'Access Permission' to Everyone.
-id egrepos has full control to SAS Directory Services folder and sdslocal file.
On my EG machine:
-defined an active repository.
-in the active repository, created a few users(same id as their network id), granted administrative privilege to my own id.
-gone through the 'Configure Repository Updates' process and specified network location for the SDSUpdate.xml file.
-created SDSUpdate.xml and SDSControl.xml file
-moved SDSUpdate.xml to the network location
-moved SDSControl.xml to C:\Program Files\SAS\Shared Files\SAS Directory Services.

Myself can use EG4.1 normally. But another user, I asked him to login my EG4.1 machine and launch EG4.1, always get the Error message box saying 'Enterprise Guide is unable to connect to a repository. Use the Enterprise Guide Explorer or Tools->Options->Administration->Repository and Server Settings to choose a repository'.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
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