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EG 4.1, SAS an macros

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EG 4.1, SAS an macros

I am having problems while running macros and there is still a code to be corrected. Once I stop the running macro in EG and correct the code it won't run again, but I have to exit EG 4.1 and then start it again so the macro works. Does anyone have a similar problem or know a solution to this. It seems to me that the old macro stays in memory and does not recognize and generates a conflict with the new corrected macro.

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Re: EG 4.1, SAS an macros

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Your guess is correct : SAS stores a list of "bad macros", those who did not run correctly on the first try. Once the macro program is on the list, it can only be removed by closing the SAS session (in your case, exit EG and restart).
BUT there is a way to tell SAS not to check the list when you run a macro :


Just type that at the beginning of the program, and that should solve your problems. (At least I hope so.)

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Re: EG 4.1, SAS and macros

Dear Olivier,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Life seems to be much easier now.

Kind regards,
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