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Dynamic parameters

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Dynamic parameters

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I keep wondering many times and hence throwing this question

1. SAS is a powerful reporting tool. How do others manage in their projects where they want a value coming from database. I am sure many poeple would be having this kind of requirement.

For example: A report being run in WRS using information map. The report would shows the details of a selected product. The products should be listed in a drop down. These product code values should be picked directly from the table i.e through info map so that in a day if there are 50 products being added we should be able to generate a report for them too. I understand that these are dynamic parameters.
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Re: Dynamic parameters

This is a feature that is frequently requested and is being implemented, I believe, for SAS 9.2 and the BI Platform built on SAS 9.2.

Dynamic and cascading parameters can be achieved, however, if you write your own custom front end to execute stored processes -- using .NET or Java or DHTML or HTML forms or .... . When I have students who really need dynamic or cascading parameters, they generally write their own front end code.

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Re: Dynamic parameters

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Thank you very much
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