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Dynamic Prompt Data

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Dynamic Prompt Data

Forgive me for my lack of understanding of the SAS architecture and how it works, I just use it for statistics and repeatability for future users. I'm having trouble creating a dynamic prompt. I first tried static prompt and it let me browse for a data table in my project and get values from a column which is exactly what I need. Unfortauntely the values in that column change frequently so I need a more dynamic approach. I'd think that dynamic would work similar: point the prompt to look for data in the table preceeding it... Makes sense. Instead it's pointing me to SAS Folders on the Metadata server. This I know nothing about.

Why would they force dynamic prompts to be taken from there as opposed to the project? Theoretically if you can get values from a preceeding table for a static prompt, there should be no reason you can't get those values at runtime as long as the table is generated before the prompt query is executed.

How can I get my table from the work directory of my project into the "My Folder" in the "SAS Folders" so that I can make this simple dynamic prompt?

I've messed around with "Update Library Meta" and "Assign Project Library", but I don't want to do anything on a global scale and I'm not 100% sure how these functions work. This is a local test and I want to keep everything local (SAS Folders/My Folder)


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Dynamic Prompt Data

I'm sorry to give you an answer you're not going to like, but I really believe that dynamic prompts in EG will only work with a connection to a metadata server.

First, I would strongly suggest sending in a request to Tech Support. They will give you a definitive answer to this question.

Second, if this is indeed the case, give it a try if you have a metadata server you can access. It's daunting at first, but if you take it in small steps you'll get there. Once you get over the learning curve, you may find that there are huge advantages to using a metadata server that will make it worth it.


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Dynamic Prompt Data


TomKari is correct. To utilize a dynamic prompt the dataset used must be registered in metadata.

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