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Doubt on SAS/EG

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Doubt on SAS/EG

Hi All,

When i extract the data from Teradata in to SAS by using sql pass through facility then i could see in my log below note,

NOTE: The data value for column xxxxxx was truncated or was out of range xxxx times when retrieving that data
from the DBMS.

Could you please let me know can i ignore this note or any unexpected results may happen in the data?
If so, what could be the reason?

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Re: Doubt on SAS/EG

What are the characteristics of the variable being truncated? What is your SAS version? Do you get the same message with the LIBNAME approach?

For instance, this could be because Teradata allows dates that are outside the valid SAS range. Or that the maximum character string length in Teradata is longer than in SAS. I'm not a Teradata user, but these are the sorts of steps that you need to go through to puzzle this out.
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