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Display output datasets by name rather than label?

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Display output datasets by name rather than label?


EG 5.1 on WinXP

Do this:

  • Add sashelp.class to the process flow
  • RMB, Query Builder...
  • Select all variables, filter on sex = "M"
  • Change the output dataset name to WORK.MALES
  • Run

In the Process Flow, although the dataset is named WORK.MALES, the icon is named QUERY_FOR_CLASS.  The end user who asked me this question would prefer the Process Flow icons for output datasets to be named according to the dataset name rather than the label.  In addition, it would be nice if we had some control over the label, such as options to 1) no label, 2) dataset name, 3) EG default, 4) (anything else)?

What I was looking for in the options was something like Options --> Tools --> Data --> Data General --> "Use dataset names instead of dataset labels in Process Flow".  Or perhaps something similar under Query, although I think it should be under Data.  I've gone through all the options but can't see where I would accomplish this.

I know I can go into the Options for the query and change the label, but that's not what the user wants.  Besides, we already changed the dataset name; it would be nice if EG also changed the label accordingly.

The end user swears that this is different in EG 5.1 than in EG 4.x - we recently upgraded from 4.3 to 5.1.

So, is there a way to do any of the above?



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Re: Display output datasets by name rather than label?


Even if the answer is "can't be done", it would be nice to 1) know that, and 2) why not? ;-) .  I'd like to get back to the end user with some kind of answer...

Any little birdies lurking?  This seems too trivial for a SAS Support ticket.

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Re: Display output datasets by name rather than label?

Hi, Scott

If nobody on the forum comes up with an answer, I wouldn't hesitate to throw it to SAS support. That's one of the ways they find out about improvements users would like in the product.


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