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Detecting Macro Variables as Prompt Variables

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Detecting Macro Variables as Prompt Variables

I am giving a presentation the local DC SAS User's Group (weather permitting) on using EG to create stored processes. However the presentation is one written by someone else and was based on a prior release and it seems that in 6.1 the option to add prompts by looking for macro variables is always greyed out. Is there a setting that is needed to enable that? The source code that was included for the stored process includes macro variable references. And then when I added the prompt manually, the generated/saved stored process code did not include the comments about the prompt - and, yes, the option to generate the text for macro variables was checked. The strange part is that when I look at the code on the file system, those comments are not there. But when I look at the source (by selecting modify the stored process) in EG, the comments are there.

Hopefully I am doing something wrong or missing something simple.


Don H

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