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Default button selected after Ctrl+F in EG 6.1

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Default button selected after Ctrl+F in EG 6.1

Most of the time, when I click Ctrl+F in EG 6.1, the cursor defaults to 'Find Text' window so I can type the string I want to search for, press Enter and find what I need.  Without a pattern I've been able to discern, sometimes the click of Ctrl+F results in the selection of 'Find Next' button.  As I automatically type the search string the SAS programs get ruined.  Anybody have this problem?  Anybody can suggest a solution?




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Re: Default button selected after Ctrl+F in EG 6.1


I've played around with this and was not able to replicate, but here are a couple of possibilities.

- The Find window is "modeless", which means that it floats on top of the EG app yet still allows you to interact with the windows behind it.  If window focus shifts to another window, the keystrokes could be "misdirected".

- Are you working on a laptop that has a touchpad/pointing device?  I've noticed that sometimes on my laptop, the focus shifts as I type due to the sensitivity of the touchpad.  On one laptop machine I even had to resort to disabling the touchpad (BIOS setting).  The newer laptops I've used are better, but still not immune to this strange behavior.

It still could be a quirk in EG itself -- I wouldn't rule it out.  But unless there is a repeatable pattern it's difficult to diagnose.


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Re: Default button selected after Ctrl+F in EG 6.1

I've never noticed this in EG, but sometimes in Microsoft Word something similar seems to happen. I've never tried to figure out if there's a pattern, but I think it might be the same behaviour you're describing.

A couple of other comments:

I have a laptop with the sensitive touchpad issue that Chris describes. Every now and then my cursor will head for parts unknown. It's definitely the touchpad....I'm slowly training myself to not do it.

I use Alt+E F to get to the find box (old habit), and this seems to happen in Word.


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Re: Default button selected after Ctrl+F in EG 6.1

Thanks for your input Tom and Chris.  I am still struggling with the issue but, by chance, a co-worker of mine has lost his search/replace window completely on a system with dual monitor setup.  Tom's input steered us in the right direction--the search/replace window was on screen in the opposite direction of the physical monitor.  Resetting the dual monitor configuration 'found' it. Thanks.

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