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Default Permission

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Default Permission

I have noticed that when I create code or data in EG the default permissions are for owner and group to have read and write access. Our default on the UNIX server is RW-R-R. How can I change the default to allow only read access to group members using EG?
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Re: Default Permission

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sounds like a code node is required.
The following is based on the techniques we used in SAS6, so it probably still works.
To get the op.sys to mark the file permissions, the code node would capture the latest dataset from &syslast, then determine the physical name and path,
then pipe to a datastep infile, the effect of command:

chmod +{whatever} your.latest.dataset.sas7bdat

In SAS8 and SAS9, perhaps the chmod command can be executed through some other command handler like %sysexec.

Good Luck
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