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Datetime Prompt from a Dynamic List in EG 4.2

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Datetime Prompt from a Dynamic List in EG 4.2

Problem: Date prompt is passing a null or blank value to the program. Timestamp prompt onyl allows user input as "Method for populating" the field.

Question: Can anyone tell me how to get the datetime value from a Dynamic List?

I have set up a prompt in a simple stored process in EG 4.2 that allows the user to select "Date" values from a dynamic list whose data source is datetime column from a table. The "Date Type:" is "Day". The prompt is set to "Requires a non-blank value" using the "processdate" column. The log shows the parameter - macro variable with a null or blank value. I can use the loaddate to get it to work but my data is comming from an oracle table that only has datetime or timestamp data types.

This is the code to create the test data for the dynamic list:

libname opsproj meta METAOUT=DATA library='opsproj';
data opsproj.TEST_MSP_BATCH;
format processdt datetime20.;
input dataloaderbatchid 4. +1 State $2. +1 processdt datetime +1 loaddate date;
7750 AZ 07JUN2010:00:00:00 08JUN2010
7755 AZ 14JUN2010:00:00:00 15JUN2010
7759 AZ 21JUN2010:00:00:00 22JUN2010
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