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Datetime Format Help!

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Datetime Format Help!


I am needing some help in changing a datetime format back to a date format. For example, I have a value of   28OCT2013:21:26:58.819000

How can I create another variable and keep only the first 9 characters, in this case 28OCT2013 ? Can I do a simple SUBSTR command?

Help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Datetime Format Help!

You could use the DATEPART function.  Or, simply apply a DATE format and leave the original value as is!  See:

Do you mind if we dance with your DATEs (or DATETIMEs)? - The SAS Dummy


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Re: Datetime Format Help!

Thanks for the quick response.

I tried doing the simple date format, I used

28OCT2013:21:26:58.819000 (variable is called ofr_create_dt)  and if I simply put

date(ofr_creat_dt) as date1

I got back a result of 19701?

Any ideas?

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Re: Datetime Format Help!


you  then can format the date1 variable with date9. format and you get the date in a more readable format.

date(ofr_creat_dt) as date1

format date1 date9.;

Good luck!


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