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Dates in Output?

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Dates in Output?

forAll -

I'm new to EG - using EG 5.1.  I've been using base SAS for a loooonnnngg time, so maybe I'm missing something in the translation...

I'm trying to set EG up so my boss can use it.  He LOVES the characterize data task, but the univariate report output for date fields only shows a two digit year.  As a work-around, I tried just making the datasets and using the list report task.  When I do that, the date fields just print the SAS date number.  Is there a way to apply a format in the list report task?  Or to change the date format in the characterize data task?


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Re: Dates in Output?


Yes, you can change the formats in the List Report task.  On page 2 of the wizard, select Edit and then Column Formats.  You'll then have a window that allows you to specify formats for each of the columns in your report.



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Re: Dates in Output?

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Thanks, Chris!

The problem is, if I do that for the output from the characterize task, proc univariate, the non-date fields end up as dates.  I suppose I could add a task to split the univariate file into dates and non-dates and then do a list report...

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