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Date Mashing

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Date Mashing

I have effective and expiration dates in a dataset where I have transposed them so all for the key I have created are in a single row in the dataset.  I want to be able to compare all of the dates to see if there is a break in the dates.  My end result should be if I can combine the dates in the row to make one effective date and one expiration date.  I can't use MIN(Eff_Dt) or MAX(Exp_Dt) because I might miss breaks in the dates.

I have attached a few examples in an excel spreadsheet.


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Re: Date Mashing



Welcome to the community.  First, I advise to post anything you need to, test data and code directly into the post, I wouldnt download Office files from the net as security risk.


From what you post, I question the need to transpose the data to find missing periods:

data want;
  set have;
  if current_date ne lag(current_date)+1 then flag="Y";

So in this example, the lag lookks back one record and if its not 1 day more than the lag value sets a flag.  No need to transpose to do this.

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