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I would like to know the procedure for the mail alert on datawarehouse updation.
Suppose every month i am using datawarehouse for particular data, for example monthwise data and i need to check every month whether the data has been updated or not or i have to wait for ETS people mail instead of this i want to write a programme for automatic check and it should send a mail to my inbox.
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Re: Datawarehouse

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That depends on the data warehouse and the underlying processes. Whether or not it is stored in SAS tables, whether SAS processes update it, who runs the processes, where the processes are run, how they have been configured, whether you want a generic completion advice or a summary of the quality of the update and so on.

If it is SAS, then get someone with suitable experience to evaluate the setup and make the changes for you. If it is not SAS, then talk to someone skilled in the appropriate RDBMS.

The options are too many to discuss here and are outside the scope of this forum. You might also try SAS Technical Support.

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