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Data Stratergy

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Data Stratergy

I have two dimensions Options and Supplier. My Options Dimension has a hierarchy with OptionNo and Linecode and Supplier dimension has Supplier Hierarchy.

Now my problem is my supplier keeps on changing for a particular linecode and hence I want to aggregate it to option level.

For example.
Option Linecode Supplier
O1 L1 S1
(space) L2 S2
O2 L1 S3
(space) L2 S4

Im not sure how this is to be done. I tried deleting the Supplier dimension and included it as a member property of the option.

But then I cannot drill down my Option dimension to see my linecodes against those supplier as they are member property of the option..

It looks like a type 2 scenario and I feel its possible but not sure how do I implement it. I am using a summarised table in OLAP.

Since supplier is a character type it cannot qualify as a measure as well.

Can you suggest some stratergy?
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