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DIS - Metadata VS Physical dataset contents

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DIS - Metadata VS Physical dataset contents

Hi everyone,


I would like to have your help in an issue i'm having right now...


In some SAS DIS development i changed the properties of columns of a dataset and propagated in the following transformations into the target datasets. So in one transformation i have the error "variable has been defined as both character and numeric". After some analysis i got the problem, in DIS everything is perfect, all datasets with the right definitions os types, but through SAS Guide i figure it out that the physical dataset is still with the previous definitions. 


Because i don't get still very well this connection of metadata and physical contents of datasets, i don't know how to correct the physical properties in this case. Can you help me?


And so that i can learn this issue, there's a paper or support SAS site explaining this matter? for example, how can i update metadata properties from physical, and the reverse, how can i update physical properties from metadata.


I hope i'm putting the problem correctly Smiley Happy


Thank you!

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Re: DIS - Metadata VS Physical dataset contents

Generally speaking, the responsibility to change and maintain consistency between metadata and physical data should be in a change management process. The DIS developer tests the changes, and verify that metadata/physical structure is aligned. 

Then you need a deployment process so those changes can take effect in the other environments (test - prod...).

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