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[Custom tasks] Display SAS data table in Guide

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[Custom tasks] Display SAS data table in Guide


I would like to create a custom task to open a SAS data table stored in a SASMAIN libname into the SAS enterprise guide client.

For exemple, I select a SAS table name into a list and click on a button to open this table in Guide. It will work as if I double-clicked on the table to open it, except that I simulate the user action with my program.

Do you know which function I can use to display the content of the table into Guide ?

Thanks a lot for your time.
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Re: [Custom tasks] Display SAS data table in Guide

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You might want to look at the "Observation Editor" example in the custom tasks section from

It doesn't do exactly what you need, but you can see the concepts of reading data and displaying it in a data view.

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