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Custom task "Interactive Graphics task for SAS EG 4.2"

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Custom task "Interactive Graphics task for SAS EG 4.2"

Hi all,

We have recently migrated from SAS EG 4.1 to SAS EG 4.2.
We used to use “Interactive Graphics task for SAS Enterprise Guide” ( custom task in EG 4.1. Now we would like to use the same task in EG 4.2 as well. While we tried to add this task, we are able to see “interactive Graph …” option under tasks -> graph

But when we try to use this, we are getting error.
May I know whether this task is compatible with SAS EG 4.2?
if not, pls let me know where I can find it.

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Custom task "Interactive Graphics task for SAS EG 4.2"

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Sorry, that task was not updated for Enterprise Guide 4.2. It was experimental with Enterprise Guide 4.1 as a concept. We may still incorporate features like this in a future version.

JMP, another product from SAS, provides a rich environment for interactive analysis. Also, the OLAP analyzer feature within Enterprise Guide provides many of the same features as our experimental interactive graphics task, but it requires an OLAP data source (SAS OLAP, Microsoft Analysis Services, or SAP BW).

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