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Creation of many individual reports

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Creation of many individual reports

I have created a SAS Report using multiple tasks.  This report is based on a prompts that provides me a employer-specific report (there are over 20,000 employers). Is there a way that I can print off individual reports for a sub-set of employers (700 employers) without have to run the report one at a time?  Note:  I am not able to store procedures.


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Re: Creation of many individual reports

The "bursting" of a batch of reports -- reports you designed using the SAS report builder -- is not something that you can accomplish interactively in EG.  Traditionally that is a batch SAS process or else something you accomplish in SAS Web Report Studio.

However, you might be able to accomplish this using SAS Enterprise Guide automation and scripting, if you don't mind writing a little bit of VBScript.  In script, you can programmatically set a prompt value, run a process flow, and export a result.  There are lots of automation examples in this article.

Otherwise, you can try to refactor your process into a single SAS program and control the report design with ODS LAYOUT, then use SAS Macro language to repeat the process for each report subject.  I have a simple example of that in this blog post:

Implement BY processing for your entire SAS program - The SAS Dummy


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