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Creating an Ordered List - not task by task

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Creating an Ordered List - not task by task

I am working with a customer that has an EG 4.3 project that is comprised of about 30 process flows where each process flow has on average 50 tasks.  It was built primarily using query builders and a few pieces of custom code.  The user wants to be able to run specific subsets of the project by clicking one piece of code to kick off the entire subset of the project - when they update a data source they only need to run specific process flows that use the data that is being updated instead of taking the time to just run the entire project again.  The idea was to use an ordered list to create these "subsets" so that they just need to run the single ordered list.  When looking at building an ordered list I noticed that you can really only build them task by task, which would mean having to know the order of each task in each process flow that they would like to include.  A few of the ordered lists that they would like to see include about half of the process flows in the project in their entirety (15 process flows at an average of 50 tasks = 750 tasks to know the names and order of in order to create the list task by task).  Does any one know of a way to call an entire process flow in the creation of an ordered list so that we don't have to go through task by task?

Also, any ideas on accomplishing their "one-click" solution to running a subset of the project other than an ordered list is welcome.  Just as a background, we are trying to avoid using a stored process.

Thank you in advance.

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