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Creating a conditional Variable

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Creating a conditional Variable



I would like to create a condtional variable such that if PAYE income is greater than or equal to 50% of gross income then employee = Y if not employee = N


Initially I wanted something as, but the following code doesn't work. Could anyone recommend anything to me, please?

if payeinc>=50% grossinc then 
		else employee ='N';
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Re: Creating a conditional Variable

For binary choices such as these, your easiest method is either ifn() to return a numeric value or ifc() to return a character.  They both have the form:

<variable>=ifn(<condition>,<result positive value>,<result negative value>);

So in your case you can say:

employee=ifc(payinc >= 50,'Y','N');


Note that in the above I am guessing that payinc is numeric (as that would make most sense), if its character - and why are you storing numbers in character fields - then you need to input it first.

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Re: Creating a conditional Variable

Are you using Query builder? If so, try a computed calculation and choose recode to use the GUI to create the code. 


Or use an advanced expression and a CASE statement. 



SAS note: How to apply if/then logic in SAS EG

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Re: Creating a conditional Variable

And the condition needs to be correct


payeinc > 0.5*gross_incone 

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