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Creating/Using User-Defined Informat

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Creating/Using User-Defined Informat

Hello All,

I am importing a MS Excel spreadsheet, which includes survey data. Most of the responses to the survey are in the form of agree/strongly agree/disagree/strongly disagree and I have created a informat which I hope to use to convert those character responses to numeric values (ie 'strongly disagree' = 1) while importing the data.

Using EG, I have created the following informat:

proc format library=dwqfmt;
invalue convnum 'Stronly Disagree' = 1
'Disagree' = 2
'Agree' = 3
'Stronly Agree' = 4;

I then import the data using 'File --> Import Data' , and in the 'Column Options' I am attempting to specify the informated created above as the "Read-In Format" , but I can't seem to find it under user-defined formats.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can use a user-defined informat when importing Excel data in EG?

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