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Create parameter in SAS EG7.1

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Create parameter in SAS EG7.1


I am struggling to find an option in SAS EG 7.1 to create parameters. My aim is to build a stored process in SAS EG and link it with the Visual analytics where in I will pass inputs (through drill down or text box) and it will trigger this stored process to run. All the help I could see on Google pointed that Go to Tools in EG and there you will see Create Parameter option. However I don't see that at all in my SAS EG 7.1

Pls help asap.



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Re: Create parameter in SAS EG7.1

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Hi @VenkateshP,


Try taking a look at the prompt functionality in SAS Enterprise Guide and see if that does what you want.  You can access the Prompt Manager by clicking the Prompt Manager button in the Resources pane (in the lower left of your EG application window). 


To get help for this feature, open the EG help by selecting Help > SAS Enterprise Guide Help from the main menu and look for the main heading "Working with Prompts" on the Contents tab.  


I hope that helps.




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