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Copy/paste from EG5.1 to Excel while in Citrix (Mac)?

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Copy/paste from EG5.1 to Excel while in Citrix (Mac)?

We are in the process of migrating from EG 4.1 installed on Windows XP laptops to EG 5.1 installed on Windows Server 2008 and accessed via Citrix from Macs.

We're used to being able to copy output from EG 4.1 HTML or SAS Report formats and paste directly into Excel (all from within Windows).  In the new setup however we're struggling to find any method of copy/paste that preserves proper formatting.

Using HTML output, the pasted data comes through space delimited, which obviously doesn't work if any of the values themselves contain spaces.

Using SAS Report output, the copy action results in nothing copying to the clipboard.

So far the only options we're finding are:

1. Text output, which then requires a follow-up step using Excel's Text-to-Columns function.

2. Producing datasets and copying output from there, which fails to include column header info.

3. Producing RTF output, opening in Word, and then copy/paste from there to Excel - quite the long way around.

At this point I'm guessing the underlying issue may be the fact that the user terminal is a Mac.  Does anyone have experience with a similar setup and been able to successfully copy/paste directly from EG to Excel?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: Copy/paste from EG5.1 to Excel while in Citrix (Mac)?

I can confirm that this works fine on a Win 7 desktop with EG 5.1 pasting to Excel 2010.

Do you have access to a PC that can remote access the server to test out whether it is the Citrix/Mac combination causing the problem and if it is OK with Remote Desktop Connection/PC?

Another option for reporting to Excel is the ODS Excelxp tagset.

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