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Copy file task in sas entreprise guide

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Copy file task in sas entreprise guide

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Please, why the sas entreprise guide task : copy file( task-->add-in--> copy file from/to server) is not very fast .

For 3GB, it takes about 40 minutes ?

Is it possible to keep the sas code generating "copy file from/to server" ?

If not,  can we link a sas program to copy file from/to server?

Thank you

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Re: Copy file task in sas entreprise guide

The Copy Files task uses your connection to the SAS session to move files across the network. It's speed is sensitive to network latency -- so, slow connection will result in longer transfer times.


You can use other mechanisms if your network setup allows: standard FTP tools, SAS/CONNECT with PROC UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD from a Local SAS to remote SAS, etc.  Often for PC EG users, the Copy Files task is the main way to move files around from PC to SAS and vice versa.

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Re: Copy file task in sas entreprise guide

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@ChrisHemedinger : Thank you. That's very kind from you.

So, I do not have a sas/connect. I have only the sas EG task copy..any suggestions to make a fast copy are welcomed.

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