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Converting SAS code to SQL

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Converting SAS code to SQL

Hello Team,


I am new to SAS and looking for converting below code to SQL 


data strat.master;
merge strat.master1(in=ge) strat.client;
by code;
if ge;


I know that Merge by is match merging but not getting meaning of last 3 lines "if ge; abc=pw"


Your help is much appreciated


Thanks In advance

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Re: Converting SAS code to SQL

Note the IN on the merge statement that creates two automatic variables, ge and pw. 


The variables are indicators that shownthe source of the record. 


If ge -> record is present in indicated dataset. This would be analogous to specifying a right/left join. 


Abc=pw -> store an indicator variable that shows if the record was present in the second dataset. 

You can replicate this functionality using a Case statement in your query. 

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Re: Converting SAS code to SQL

  CREATE TABLE strat.master AS
  FROM strat.master sm left join strat.client sc (on sm.code=sc.code) left join ab (on sm.code=ab.code);

Maybe start out with something like this. 

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Re: Converting SAS code to SQL

Don't forget that Merge treats same named variables in multiple datasets very differently than a simple join in SQL would.

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Re: Converting SAS code to SQL

Assuming CODE in all these three tables has no duplicated value. i.e. its value is unique.


data master1;
 set sashelp.class;
 rename name=code;

data client ;
 set sashelp.class;
 if _n_=8 then stop;
 rename name=code age=new_age1;
 keep name age;

data abc;
 set sashelp.class;
 if _n_=4 then stop;
 rename name=code age=new_age2;
 keep name age;

proc sql;
select a.*,b.new_age1,c.new_age2,not missing(c.code) as abc
 from master1 as a left join client as b on a.code=b.code
   left join abc as c on a.code=c.code;
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