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Connection to Teradata

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Connection to Teradata

I'm trying to run a program where the initial step connects to Teradata; however, I'm getting an error with the authdomain statement.


proc sql exec feedback stimer;

connect to teradata (authdomain=teradataauth TDPID=DWPROD2 MODE=TERADATA CONNECTION=GLOBAL); *10-26-2016;

create table dat.cancer_&client as

select * from connection to teradata (

select distinct.....


This is the start of the statement and the error is twofold:


1.  Warning: No login information was available for authdomain teradatauth...

2. ERROR:  Teradata connection: MTDP: EM_NEWCONN(207): Error in doing a network connect...


I'm using identical code that a colleague uses yet they have no issues.  Could it be something in my EG environment setup?

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