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Connection to Teradata

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Connection to Teradata

I'm trying to run a program where the initial step connects to Teradata; however, I'm getting an error with the authdomain statement.


proc sql exec feedback stimer;

connect to teradata (authdomain=teradataauth TDPID=DWPROD2 MODE=TERADATA CONNECTION=GLOBAL); *10-26-2016;

create table dat.cancer_&client as

select * from connection to teradata (

select distinct.....


This is the start of the statement and the error is twofold:


1.  Warning: No login information was available for authdomain teradatauth...

2. ERROR:  Teradata connection: MTDP: EM_NEWCONN(207): Error in doing a network connect...


I'm using identical code that a colleague uses yet they have no issues.  Could it be something in my EG environment setup?

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Re: Connection to Teradata

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Hi @SCasey_Anthem,


That error usually means that a Teradata client cannot connect to the server. This could be a network problem or a Teradata Tools and Utilities configuration issue. One way to troubleshoot it is to connect using the Teradata BTEQ utility (from the machine where SAS is running). 

This message is pretty old. Hopefully, this was sorted-out a long time ago.


Best wishes,


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