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Connection to Oracle

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Connection to Oracle


I am a SAS EG User and i am trying to connect to the Oracle data base.
I am using the following code to connect the oracle

libname oralib oracle user=XXYY password=*****# path=ASDEW;

I am getting the following error

ERROR 22-7: Invalid option name #.
16 path=ASDEW;
ERROR: Libname ORALIB is not assigned.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

I am a user and i dont have acess to create a library...
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Re: Connection to Oracle

try this.

libname oralib oracle user='XXYY' pw='*****#' path='ASDEW';

that is..put single ' around the text.
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Re: Connection to Oracle

Ummm Looking at your last statement, might be difficult to do as you state you don't have permissions to create a library....

"I am a user and i dont have acess to create a library"
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Re: Connection to Oracle

I believe you need to add the SCHEMA= option
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Re: Connection to Oracle

thank you

my problem was resolved i used double quotation marks for the password.

Then it was connected to the database
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