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Connection to Metadata server

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Connection to Metadata server

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There are three servers in the system that I'm working with; Metadata, Compute and Mid-Tier.

In SAS EG I'm connected to Compute server for running the codes. How can I have access to Metadata datasets, log files(not Compute server) in SAS EG?


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Re: Connection to Metadata server

For access to metadata, use the appropriate clients (Management Console, Infornation Map Studio, ...).

For easy access to logs, store them to a shared location.

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Re: Connection to Metadata server

Depending on your setup, you could also connect to the ObjectSpawner on the Metadata server (if present).


Just be careful with this approach. This Object Spawner was not intended to do data processing and Metadata servers are typically not configured to run data jobs like you would do on Compute. But I guess you have a special use case here....


With either approach, just manage it well.

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