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Connecting to the mainframe

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Connecting to the mainframe

Can someone tell me how to connect to the mainframe with EG?
I normally use WRQ and we do have an IP address and userID and password of course. I figure once I get it configured then accessing the different files we have there will be easy... Smiley Indifferent
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Re: Connecting to the mainframe

1) I assume you have SAS installed on the mainframe.

2) SAS Integration Technologies have to be installed and configured on any server, including a mainframe, that you wish to connect to with EG.

3) If you have SAS MetaData Server and you are using that to provide EG with its metadata repository, the world is a whole lot different.

4) If you do not, then you can use the SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer on the "Tools" menu, assuming the remote server has SAS/IT installed and configured.

Given 4:

Open the explorer and create a new Server, providing the wizard/dialog box with all the appropriate information. When done, waza, you can access it with EG.

If you have SAS MetaData Server, and are using it for the metadata repository for EG, then you have to use the SAS Management Console to create a new SAS Server (SAS Application Server, Logical SAS Workspace Server) under the Server Manager. There is a lot of hidden stuff in this method, and the documentation is more obscure, so here you would need help from an experienced trained SAS Administrator and SAS Technical Support.
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Re: Connecting to the mainframe

If you have SAS Connect you can do it. Read paper 112-2008, "Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS/CONNECT® to Make the Mainframe Behave Like a Modern Computer", from the SAS Global Forum.
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