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Connecting to db2, ssid option invalid

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Connecting to db2, ssid option invalid

I'm trying to use proc sql to connect to a db2 database. For some reason SAS tells me that in the statement connect to db2 (ssid=somessid); the ssid= option is illegal. I also tried to give SAS the option options DB2SSID=somessid; but I also get an error about the DB2SSID option being unrecognized. The code works fine in normal SAS. How do I fix this?

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Re: Connecting to db2, ssid option invalid

When you are using the explicit pass through method, you are required to code all options you already did with a libname.

A new separate connection is build and nothing is shared from previous ones (unless you are using dedicated options).
Both approaches are part of normal SAS. Documented with SAS/ACCESS.  What are you using?

With Easy common standard SQL there is no need to code a "connect to", all is translated by SAS as an implicit pass through processing.  

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