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Confused by EG stored process error

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Confused by EG stored process error

In testing EG4.1 (and SAS 9.1.3 SP4 on Solaris) we received an error that appears to be the result of using a unix login not associated with a metadata identity. I'd like to confirm if this is the case, or see if anyone else has run into this error.

The EG error is:

An error occurred executing the stored process job "Sample: Stored Process Macro Variables".
The stored process library failed to provide a data set event interface.
Connected.0x0metalooklziida86860115931E31-667F-11D5-8804-00C04F35AC8CSASStoredProcess.StoredProcessServer.1.0SASApp - Stored Process ServerDefaultAuth6700

This error occurs on the second and subsequent attempts to run a stored process, but the first one runs successfully. Same error regardless of whether we run the same stored process or a different stored process (testing only samples).

There were no events in the stored process logs corresponding to this error.

In troubleshooting this, we noticed that the user was connected as "UNKNOWN" - not the user and not PUBLIC. In further checking we realized that the user had a metadata identity but not a unix system login, so while the connection to the metadata was being made as a metadata user (who has an LDAP login defined in their metadata logins in SMC User Manager) the connection to the workspace server was being made as a different user - EG was prompting (only on the first attempt to run a stored process) for a userID and password and the tester provided a valid unix user/pass pair. These credentials are not associated with the metadata user, but rather with a metadata group. We then realized the user being tested wasn't a member of this group. After we added the metadata user as a member of the group the error disappeared.

So, all that to say, has anyone seen this before? Is the "stored process library failed to provide a data set event interface" error the expected result of using valid but unassociated credentials for the workspace server?

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Re: Confused by EG stored process error


That is a strange error. The text of the error itself ("missing data set interface") does imply a connection problem. When EG runs a stored process, it attempts to attach a listener to the underlying stored process server/workspace to check whether any data sets are created as part of the stored process execution. This way it can try to make sure those output data sets are reflected in your project.

With a connection problem like this, it's possible that the event listener logic is getting confused because it cannot connect to the workspace session as it expected to.

In general though, "UNKNOWN" identity is going to spell trouble for connection issues downstream. If EG cannot determine who the metadata identity is, then it's likely that other processes will have the same issue.

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Re: Confused by EG stored process error

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Thanks Chris. BTW, loved the PROC FaceBook post
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