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Configuration and file location

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Configuration and file location

I understand that the following question may sound too basic, but i am having a very hard time setting up SAS Enterprise Guide and a server. Today it's location of (temporary files?) Basically, i am trying to load a text file from disk, and i see that my C drive is about to choke. There is a huge D drive available, so where can i find a setting to change the location.

Overall, is there a decent introduction to architecture of the SAS system? There are way too many moving parts, and i find most of them not intuitive at all. The documentation that came with the system is not particularly helpful as it takes about half an hour just to figure out which pdf I should be looking at for a particular question.


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Re: Configuration and file location

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Your first question sounds like one for Tech Support. SAS has a configuration file (called sasv9.cfg for 9.1.3) that allows you to redirect your work datasets. You can also do it on the command line and in the You can also re-assign the work library in the program itself or even store the intermediate SAS datasets in a permanent library and manage them yourself.

Yes, SAS documentation is complex. It's a function of unbundling (there are now many more products), support for multiple platforms, and the complexity that always accompanies flexiblity (as in 3+ different places to assign the work library). A good introduction to the SAS architecture would be to take a class at SAS Institute; then you can get direction from the experts.

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