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Conditional Highlighting in SAS EG 4.1

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Conditional Highlighting in SAS EG 4.1

I have a summary table with student's name in the row and the Exam # in the columns. I would like to highlight scores that has lower score than the Column Average. For example,

Name Exam1 Exam2 Exam3 Average
x 70 80 100 83
y 80 50 80 70
Average 75 65 90 77

I want to highlight 70 on exam1, 50 on exam2 and 80 on exam3. Can this be done using the SAS built in function rather than coding? If not, how do I code this?

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Re: Conditional Highlighting in SAS EG 4.1

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Sample 41942: Conditional highlighting using a custom add-in task in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2

I am not sure if this will work with version 4.1. Otherwise click on the "Full Code" link to see an example of how to achieve this with SAS base code.
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