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Comparing 3 datasets

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Comparing 3 datasets



I'm looking to compare observations with the same id from three datasets. I've been using:

proc compare base=ctavcm compare=ctavtrax out=cmvstraxcomp outstats=cmvstraxcompstat outbase outcomp outnoequal listobs transpose;
	by order;
	var appt rel_rsn order_sts close_rsn;
	format appt mmddyy10.;

To compare two of them. And have follow up code to essentially compare pairings of the datasets. D1 to D2, D2 to D3 and D3 to D1, but am looking for a more efficient way to do this if one exists.




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Re: Comparing 3 datasets

Are you looking for something in specific? It may be that combining the data sets and getting the source name as variable will allow calculations or summaries that at least put all 3 sets in a specific order. This would be more useful if there is a pretty much one-to-one relationship between the sets.

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Re: Comparing 3 datasets

It's part of a data profiling effort. I'm trying to get an understanding of the discrepancies between the datasets.

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