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Compare SAS programs within EG

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Compare SAS programs within EG

Add a functionality to allow SAS programers to directly compare two SAS programs and see where and how they differ.  Most program editors are now able to perform that task, but moving your SAS programs out of EG or SAS Editor Windows to be able to do such a comparaison is a non-sense to me in 2014!

I suggest adding this feature to EG rather than to the traditionnal Enhanced Editor window since enhancements to the Enhanced Editor seems to have stopped since EG 5.1 (or before).

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Re: Compare SAS programs within EG

I won't disagree Smiley Happy.

You should post this as an idea however, as those are tracked, discussions are not.

On the Actions box, click Create an Idea (last option)

or try the link below:!input.jspa?containerType=14&container=2007&content...

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Re: Compare SAS programs within EG

Apparently SAS are planning to add versioning/compare capabilities to a future version of EG - after 6.1.

See here:

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