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Coding Export in EG

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Coding Export in EG

With an export node in EG I can export a SAS dataset from a remote SAS Server to a .csv file on a local drive. Can I also do this through a PROC EXPORT coded in an EG SAS Code node? If so, how do I specify the local drive?

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Re: Coding Export in EG

No, unless you have a way to map your local drive to a location on the remote SAS server, there isn't a way to get PROC EXPORT output directly to your PC.

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Coding Export in EG

Hi tjm,

Chris has a point and it is possible something like this,

Consider Windows (I hope this is what you are using! else this is null & void)

Just make a Shared folder with Read/Write Access on your pc and Reference it in the OUTFILE Statement such as:

OUTFILE = "\\MyShare\My.CSV"

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