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Code Nodes - Code and Log Disappearing

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Code Nodes - Code and Log Disappearing

Has anyone had this EG issue before?

I have an EG project (EG V7.1 on SAS 9.4) up and running with over various queries, graphics and many of my own code nodes (over 70 items).  All of a sudden all of the code nodes are missing their code and their log.  I can still see them, but when I open them, the code is gone and the log is also blank.  Furthermore, all the linkages to these code nodes are getting 'unlinked' as I try to execute them.  Very frustrating!


If you've had this issue and have resolved it, please let me know how.



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Re: Code Nodes - Code and Log Disappearing

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One of my colleague has recently faced same kind of issue, all of sudden his codes were erased. He contacted the admin team (AWS) and he got back his code. There were images stored in backed in AWS  every moment. I do not know whether it is specific to his organization or universal.




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Re: Code Nodes - Code and Log Disappearing

Ok, Thanks for the info and response!

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