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Client EG to Linux box

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Client EG to Linux box

If SAS is installed in a Linux box, can client EG be installed in PC Windows to access SAS in Linux?

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Re: Client EG to Linux box

The EG client can only be installed to Windows, and it can operate with a remote server of any flavor

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Re: Client EG to Linux box

What you're describing is probably the most common way to use Enterprise Guide. It works very well in this mode.


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Re: Client EG to Linux box

When SAS is running on Linux or any server and:

- having the SAS objectspawner running supporting for start Workspace sessions (that is a running sas.exe)

Than, having SAS Eguide installed on Window (Eguide is a .Net application) you can run.

- sas-processes on the linux

- using some windows features interfaces on your desktop

This is the client/server model.

On both sides some processing can be done.

The technical installation and requiements can be more demanding to do.

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