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Clear/Export Project Log using Automation

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Clear/Export Project Log using Automation

Does anyone know if we can interact with the Enterprise Guide Project Log via VBS program calls?

I use the SAS Enterprise Guide OLE Automation reference to get information on Object Hierarchies & Method calls in order to control SAS EG projects dynamically in VBS code. In particular I have a script that walks through the entire Project hitting all elements that have a Log-object associated with them.

I compile each of the individual Log Elements into a single File to inspect for SAS Errors after running an EG project as a scheduled batch job.

This would be a lot simpler if there was a way to Clear & Export the Project log using VBS program calls. Also it would be helpful to Enable/Disable the option for the Project to build the Project Log.

Also, I have seen instances where EG batch jobs fail because the Project Log exceeds the Maximum size. Being able to Clear the Log before the program executes or Disable adding to the Log would solve this problem as well.

The OLE Automation Reference does not have any information on the Project Log object.

Does anyone know if this can be done?
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Re: Clear/Export Project Log using Automation

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Does anyone use OLE Automation to interact with their SAS EG Projects via VBS code at all?
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