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Chart background color

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Chart background color

If I make a chart and output in report or html format, there is always a frame around the chart that is lavender. The output in RTF format is white. I use the style 'Normal'. I have tried making a copy of the style and changing the 'Graph background' to white, but it doesn't work.

Is it possible to change this using the stylesheets? Right now I am modifying the graph manually every time, but I would like to avoid this and have it just automatically do this.

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Re: Chart background color

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Graph output in SAS Report and HTML does not honor the stylesheet settings. Instead, the graph appearance is set when the graph is generated on the SAS server.

You can influence the graph appearance by using color option on the graph (set the background color in an EG graph task, or use the GOPTIONS CBACK= option, for example). If you want to customize the style definition, you can create a custom ODS style template using PROC TEMPLATE. More information about ODS and PROC TEMPLATE is in the Base SAS Focus Area (, or you could post a question to the Base SAS/ODS discussion forum.

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