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Chart Report - Expand label size

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Chart Report - Expand label size

Good morning!

I created a chart report (attached image), however I can not increase the size where this description.

I use the commands:

GOPTIONS device = png xpixels ypixels = 750 = 350;

axis1 order = (1 to 10 by 1) ​​minor = none major = none style = 0 offset = (5.0,5.0) value = none;

axis2 label = none order = (2011 to 2014 by 1) ​​minor = none major = none value = (angle = 90) style = 0 offset = (2.0,2.0);

axis3 order = (1 to 10 by 1) ​​minor = none major = none label = none value = none style = 0 offset = (5.0,5.0);

How do I keep the size of the graph and expand the size of the label??

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Re: Chart Report - Expand label size

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I don't have the answer for you however I do have questions that might lead you to your answer.

  • Are the labels short because the length of the variable is short?  In other programs, when I used the LABEL option to display the label values, not the variable names, my labels would be truncated on small width variables.
  • Do all the labels display if GOPTIONS are at their default levels?  To reset all graphic options to their default values, specify RESET=GOPTIONS: 
  • Which program are you using to create your chart?  Proc GCHART, SGCHART, etc.... According to my ODS reference book, your answer may be in the SAS/GRAPH Reference book., (" 'Controlling the Appearance of Your Graphs' ")
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