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Changing font size in a Line-Bar Chart

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Changing font size in a Line-Bar Chart


I have been using a number of bar-line charts in my recent data reporting and have come across an issue that I can not find a solution for in Enterprise Guide 4.3.

When I develop the chart, I like to display the statistical value inside of the bar.  This option is available under 'Advanced' as a checkbox.  When the chart is created, the font of the statistical value is so small that it is unreadable. 

There does not appear to be any options within the graph builder and I did not have success when I played around in the code. 

Any ideas?  I greatly appreciate any feedback!

Thank you!!

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Changing font size in a Line-Bar Chart

see the last submitted code and you can easily find in that code GOPTIONS like goptions htext=13pt htitle=15pt gsfname=chrt11; try to change those numbers it might works for you. Once you see the code you can easily figure it out what need to be change to get bigger size. or otherwise post a code here.

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