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Changes to scheduled SAS project

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Changes to scheduled SAS project

Hi Everyone, 


I know that the scheduling of projects have been discussed too many times here , but I need a bit of new light on the topic of Change of the project. 

I have sucessfully scheduled several EG Projects to run daily . My problem though, that those Projects require frequent changes and updates , and every time I make a change to the Project I need to schedule the project one more time,since the script that have been generated before doesnt contain the last changes. Is there a way to connect the scheduler to the project itself and not generated script? 



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Re: Changes to scheduled SAS project



I recommend that you modify/maintain your own script instead of relying on the generated script from EG.  It can be a fairly simple script, and won't be sensitive to project changes (unless you reference specific project items that you change often).


See information and examples here:




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