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Catx function behaviour in sas EG

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Catx function behaviour in sas EG

Hi All,


is there any change in the behaviour of Catx function between base sas,sas studio and SAS EG ?


I am using catx function in one of the program and apart from EG interface, same is working fine in all environments.


Please guide.

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Re: Catx function behaviour in sas EG

The catx function is the same across all systems.

Perhaps if you posted some information about what is "not happening" according to your understanding?

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Re: Catx function behaviour in sas EG

Example data, code and log.

These are the three most important steps on the way to a quick solution.

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Re: Catx function behaviour in sas EG

I think it's very unlikely that the function itself behaves differently between the environments.


However, the environments are probably running on different processor/OS technologies, and they may have different options being set by default. Some of these differences might explain why the function appears to be behaving differently.


As mentioned by others, please post an example that demonstrates the differences.



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