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Capability Procedure

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Capability Procedure


In our server we have already using SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 on our servers. However unless i recognize that my authorization level for CAPABILITY functions listed as  "YES" in function settings screen, i am receiving "ERROR: Procedure CAPABILITY not found." when i executed HISTOGRAM node.

I am not sure that my why am i receiving  this message could please help me

Thank you very much

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Re: Capability Procedure

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I have the exact same problem. Did you manage to solve it?

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Re: Capability Procedure

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Clarification please.  Not an answer.

Are you saying that when you run Histogram routine, you DO get capability report as well as histogram, but ONLY if you have your "authorization level" for capability functions "list as yes" in "function settings screen." 

In other words you HAVE seen capability function work but NOT if authorization is set to NO?

OR have you NEVER seen it work and always get that error message?


I only use JMP, not SAS for this kind of work, so we get capability with histograms IF the spec limits are manually added OR already in the column properties for that parameter as spec limits and my platform defaults are set to ALWAYS give capability analysis, OR I invoke that request later when the histogram comes up.

Sorry, a real SAS guru will have to answer you.

But I was confused by the question.

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