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Cannot save ods rtf to my computer

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Cannot save ods rtf to my computer

I am new to SAS and I cannot find a solution to this error.

37         ods graphics on;

38         ods rtf path="c:/Users/Josh/Downloads/"

39         file = "c:/Users/Josh/Downloads/cigarettes.rtf";

ERROR: Physical file does not exist, /pbr/biconfig/930/Lev1/SASApp/c:/Users/Josh/Downloads/c:/Users/Josh/Downloads/cigarettes.rtf.

ERROR: Fatal ODS error has occurred. Unable to continue processing this output destination.

It seems the path is being amended to the server location instead of replacing the server location.

Please advise on this error, as well as how to properly post the code to this


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Re: Cannot save ods rtf to my computer

Hi, drj

Your problem is happening because you're Enterprise Guide job is running a SAS instance on a Unix server, which uses a different file naming syntax. You'll have to use a style that starts with a "/", and hopefully you can write to a directory on the server that you can access from your PC.

Asking your SAS administrator for some help would be a good first step.


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Re: Cannot save ods rtf to my computer

Also when you specify Path= then you only want to specify the actual file name without any path, otherwise the path portion gets appended to the original path hence getting:

which fails in a Windows environment.

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Re: Cannot save ods rtf to my computer



I'm having the same problem with a course I'm taking where I need to use SAS Enterprise Guide.


I saw a suggestion in another forum about adding the following to the code preceding the code:

options user='';


However, this isn't working...has anyone else found a work-around or solution?

Many thanks,


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Re: Cannot save ods rtf to my computer

Posted in reply to karen_e_wallace



Rather than picking up on an old thread with a variation, you should start a new one.  You need to be more specific about the symptoms.  What is the code that is failing?  What is in the log?  The version of EGuide is also helpful.



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