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Cannot import excel file from local folder

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Cannot import excel file from local folder

Hi All,


I am using SAS client server model EG. I am trying to import files present in my local desktop by using the below code:


proc import datafile='\\machinename\folder\SAS.xlsx' dbms=excel
out=testing replace;


We are having two environments. (Test and produuction). While running the code in test environment it is working properly and file is getting imported. But running the same code in production environment i am getting the error 


ERROR: Unable to open file \machinename\folder\SAS.xlsx. It does not exist or it is already opened
exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.


Can you please let me know if i am missing anything. I was thinking like the workspace server uses the user credentials for operating the data within my local system should be accessible if i shared that particular folder. 



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Re: Cannot import excel file from local folder

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It looks like your prod doesn't have access to that location. 


Try using the import wizard to see if that works. If it does it means you have issues with accessing that location. You can talk to your administrator to see if you can get access. Typically the server model can't access your local drive and you need to upload the file to the server. If your server is set to see this location it should work, but it's rare for a server to have access to a desktop. 



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